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Custom Made
Custom Made
The high calibre Skelton Saw will appeal to all discerning craftsmen, woodworking enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Here at Skelton saws we favour the tapered / canted blade for its ease of cutting down to a line, but also because it is in keeping with the style of the traditional 18th century saws that we have set out to recreate. Should you however, prefer a parallel blade we would be happy to substitute the tapered / canted blade for this on request at the point of ordering.

We are happy to undertake any special commissions. Shane likes to believe that anything is possible, so will listen, give guidance and will ultimately aim to create a client’s vision. Although we favour the Rosewood handle, this can be substituted for other woods (depending of course on its suitability, sustainability, workability and toxicity)

Furthermore, we are able to offer a personalisation service. This might be some initials or a name added to the brass back, or maybe something else…

From time to time we intend to include some limited editions alongside our current saw range. Keep an eye out through all media channels for when we announce upcoming special editions. These are likely to be very limited, so you will need to be quick with your expressions of interest so as to avoid disappointment.

A Skelton Saw should remain sharp for many years. We would only recommend that you sharpen your own blade if you are proficient in doing this by using an extra slim taper saw file. Alternatively you could contact us to find out about our sharpening service and for a nominal fee Shane will undertake this for you. Instructions for saw use and care are included with the saw. One should note that our saw doctoring service is not only reserved for our own saws. Shane will consider re-sharpening all makes of saws, after he has examined a photograph beforehand of the saw to be sent and decided whether he can make it fit for purpose.

As discerning appreciators of quality you will understand that the prices of our saws fully reflect the workmanship and hours that have gone into each individual handmade saw. We are sure that you will be really happy with your purchase, which hopefully you can pass down to future generations.

Thank you for visiting Skelton Saws if you would like any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or telephone.