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From One Great Maker To Another…



It’s always an honour to have the opportunity to make for other toolmakers and most recently we’ve had the privilege of making for the likes of both Bill Carter and David Barron. Bill ordered one of our new London Long Stroke 13 3/4″ Fine Carcass Saws in English Boxwood. The timber he favours above all others, Boxwood as you may know is a shrub and most commonly found in the grounds of grand stately homes. A superb choice for tool handles due to it’s hardness, it is however extremely rare to find timber large enough to create saw handles and that which is will likely be hundreds of years old. Even Bill, didn’t have a piece suitable for the job, so he called on fellow acclaimed plane maker, Karl Holtey to have a look in his store. Luckily, as you can see Karl had a suitable piece and sent it to Bill for inspection and the then on to us. So it’s a lovely story ┬ábehind the saw, a piece of timber from one legendary plane maker to another to make the first ever Skelton Boxwood Saw. We don’t expect that we will make too many boxwood handles, but Shane found it a great wood to work and obviously a true honour to make a tool for such a distinguished maker. Bill is over the moon with his new saw and tells us that he’s ‘never seen such great craftsmanship in a tool.’ It’s very humbling and makes for great job satisfaction. We’ve just received two more pieces of Boxwood in the post for his next commissions…




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