Limited Editions Update - Skelton Saws
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Limited Editions Update

If you’ve read our website then you’ll be aware that in the Autumn last year, Shane introduced the Squire & Peters c1760  Limited Edition (Double Stamp) reproduction saw into our range. A copy of an 18th century London made carcass saw, this has been extremely popular with our customers, not only for it’s elegant looks, true craftsmanship and excellent performance, but also because of its intriguing back story. Only two known original Squire & Peters saws in the world made rarer by it being double stamped, Shane has sympathetically recreated this saw using traditional techniques as would’ve been employed back on Wardour Street, London in the 1760’s. Limited to 25 saws, we now only have 5 left available to purchase, so if you were thinking about purchasing one of these unique and fine saws please get in touch…

Internet Squire (3) sp8 squire flamed beech Squire handle sanding squire brass 1 squire brass 2




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