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New Range Of Saws Are ‘Magic’!

We’ve recently added the London Long Stroke range to our Skelton portfolio of saws. A collection of four saws ranging from a 10 3/4″ fine dovetail to a 18 1/4″ fine tenon saw. Shane used the Squire & Peters C1760 saw as inspiration for this new range ( two only to be known left in existence) this saw being probably one of the best 18th century London made saws that he has ever held and used. Shane has tried to step into the minds of William Squire and John Peters and design and make a range of saws that compliment their famous 11 1/4″ carcass saw. Ultimately, he has attempted to anticipate and faithfully reproduce what their other saws of differing sizes might have looked like. With their elegant looks, thinner plates and finer tooth configurations, these saws not only look amazing but the extra length which enhances the speed of cut with accuracy and the joint ready finishes that are produced are second to none. Shane, was at a tool event recently attended by some of the UK’s leading makers and woodworkers and they couldn’t put the 13 3/4″ Fine Carcass down. we are in fact soon to be making one of these particular saws for world renowned and legendary British plane maker Bill Carter. I’m sure most of you also will have heard of and watched the videos of ¬†true craftsman’The English Woodworker’ Richard Maguire and some of you really lucky ones may also have one of his workbenches! Well he was blown away by the 13 3/4″ and particularly so by the feel of it in the hand saying ‘It’s like holding Harry Potter’s wand, magic!’

The following photo’s are of the 10 3/4″ Fine Dovetail with a rosewood handle and the 13 3/4″ Fine Carcass with an ebony handle. And … yes one of the saws is perched on the edge of the famous writer’s grave, Anne Bronte, who is buried here in Scarborough. Many thousands of visitors stand around this spot each year, paying homage to this literary sister, her grave looking out to sea – perfect!

If you haven’t already seen it there is an interesting video on YouTube of The English Woodworker interviewing Shane about our new 26″ Panel Saw – look on ‘HENDJIM’s channel.




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