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Remaking Benjamin Seaton’s Panel Saws

I’m sure that any discerning woodworker out there these days won’t be unfamiliar with the Seaton Chest. Benjamin Seaton’s tool chest containing a full collection of 18th Century tools and a detailed inventory, is undoubtedly one of the most significant artefacts of historical importance we have in relation to tools of that time. It is therefore not surprising that Shane, has been fascinated by this and in particular its saws for some time. It was clear from the outset however, that of them all Shane would most like to remake the panel saws. Twenty six inch in length and with a .045″ plate the Seaton panel saws are fully taper ground and were made by none other than theYorkshire saw making great John Kenyon.

It’s been a year in the making from drawing to finally holding one in the hand, but Shane’s exact copy of the Seaton Saws really are a triumph. Having never even held the original, he’s only had the odd drawings, measurements and notes from various historical texts to work from, but what he has created is an exact copy and is a real feat of craftsmanship given that everything is handmade and he uses the same traditional techniques as were used in the 18th century. I’m not going to say too much about them as we say quite a bit in the product details on the website. However, one interesting thing to note… It is probably true to say that there hasn’t been a traditional saw maker in England stamp their mark as we have done on the blade in well over 100 years, mainly due to the emergence of etching. In the 18th Century this would have been punched before the steel had been hardened. Today we work with already hardened spring steel, therefore as you can imagine this has taken a lot of ingenious tooling (made by Shane of course) and indeed skill to do this and ultimately create an exact replica. Whilst we wanted the saws to be true to the ones in the chest, customers can if they wish substitute the centre saw bolt for our medallion. If you want to hear Shane speaking about the new Skelton Panel Saw, you can watch a video on Jim Hendricks’ YouTube channel HENDJIM For now though, I’ll let the pictures do the talking..





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